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Local Travel For Families (Part Two) – More That You Need to Know

November 24th, 2022

Previously we talked a lot about safe guarding your wallet or purse when on public transport. We also discussed where you should sit in the bus or train (close to the driver) and touched on what you should do if challenged. We carry on with local travel security and talk about what to do when you are threatened.

Firstly, carrying a personal alarm that is within easy reach, and can be easily sounded, is a good form of gaining attention. There are different forms of eye mace (if legal in your location), but this can be cumbersome to defend yourself with, and it can be also be used on you by the attacker if they get hold of it.

We suggest that you do not carry weapons, unless you are authorized to do so (Government authorization only – also check where you can carry these weapons), and only if you have specialized training in using them. Weapons can be easily used against you and other people, especially in a close confrontation.

Try to get a good description of the offender – height, dress, complexion, hair color, scars, tattoos, speech and accent are the main points to focus on. The direction of the offender’ travel away from the scene will also be needed.

Call police ASAP, either with your phone or with assistance from a nearby person.

If you are alone, and have just been attacked, make sure you are still not in close proximity to the offender. Run towards a safer place where there are lights and people, and well lit houses. However, when gaining someone’s attention for assistance, remember to be cautious because you do not know who they may be.


1. Never walk at night unless you are with other people, or you have a guard dog with you.

2. Most assaults happen at night, or very early morning. The majority of assaults happen in parks, secluded areas, lane ways, quiet streets, and around any type of closed shopping center or car park. However, they can happen anywhere.

3. If you need to walk at night, be very aware of your surroundings and keep to main roads/streets that are well illuminated and near well light houses.