Local Travel For Families (Part Two) – More That You Need to Know

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Previously we talked a lot about safe guarding your wallet or purse when on public transport. We also discussed where you should sit in the bus or train (close to the driver) and touched on what you should do if challenged. We carry on with local travel security and talk about what to do when you are threatened.

Firstly, carrying a personal alarm that is within easy reach, and can be easily sounded, is a good form of gaining attention. There are different forms of eye mace (if legal in your location), but this can be cumbersome to defend yourself with, and it can be also be used on you by the attacker if they get hold of it.

We suggest that you do not carry weapons, unless you are authorized to do so (Government authorization only – also check where you can carry these weapons), and only if you have specialized training in using them. Weapons can be easily used against you and other people, especially in a close confrontation.

Try to get a good description of the offender – height, dress, complexion, hair color, scars, tattoos, speech and accent are the main points to focus on. The direction of the offender’ travel away from the scene will also be needed.

Call police ASAP, either with your phone or with assistance from a nearby person.

If you are alone, and have just been attacked, make sure you are still not in close proximity to the offender. Run towards a safer place where there are lights and people, and well lit houses. However, when gaining someone’s attention for assistance, remember to be cautious because you do not know who they may be.


1. Never walk at night unless you are with other people, or you have a guard dog with you.

2. Most assaults happen at night, or very early morning. The majority of assaults happen in parks, secluded areas, lane ways, quiet streets, and around any type of closed shopping center or car park. However, they can happen anywhere.

3. If you need to walk at night, be very aware of your surroundings and keep to main roads/streets that are well illuminated and near well light houses.

Tips for Travelling On Busses to Make Your Journey a Comfortable One

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The best attributes of travelling on buses is affordable ticket fares, comfortable seating arrangements, air conditioned cabins, and the pleasure of viewing of scenic beauty during your travels. Also, the modern day buses are engineered to offer utmost comfort to the travellers, which is why many people prefer it to trains and flights.

In addition to normal everyday commuting, buses also make a great transportation option for people visiting Europe on their holidays. You can easily book your tickets in advance by visiting the websites of some of the top bus service providers like the Oxford Tube Bus.

Things to consider for enjoying bus travelling:

First and foremost, make sure you reserve your tickets beforehand, so you can arrive at the bus terminal without any stress. The fare will be far cheaper, if you do it as early as possible.
The best way to enjoy travelling to different places is by watching the breathtaking views from the windows of your bus. Therefore, if you are travelling in hilly areas or country side, try to reserve the seat beside the window.
During long distance travels, bus drivers usually stop for long time near rest houses or hotels. You should take full advantage and visit nearby picturesque spots to click photos of the happy moments of travelling.
While travelling through different regions, you can taste the local savouries. You can even pack them, and have them on your way.
While travelling, you should wear appropriate clothing, according to the climatic conditions of the place where you are visiting. It can be very uncomfortable if you do not plan your travel bags to suit the weather conditions.
To entertain yourself, you could always carry your personal soundtrack. Refreshing views, tasty snacks, and music in your ears will make your bus trip a memorable one.
It is also advisable to pack your medicines, especially if you are prone to fall sick on moving vehicles.
Try to learn all about the places that you are likely to pass by during your bus trip. Enjoyment of the journey doubles if you know what to expect at any particular bus station, you are going to stop on the way.
The other extra precautions you should take while in bus:

Have your tickets and identity documents within reach, because you will need to show them to the bus authorities. Be careful about your valuables, as no bus services will take responsibilities if your personal things get stolen or damaged. Take road map and timetable along with you. It will help to get familiar with the bus routes, arrival, and departure times.

Travelling by bus is one of the best affordable ways when compared to air and railway transport services. There are many luxury coach services like the Arriva Bus, and they offer daily bus trips for cost effective fares. You can expect reclining seats, large ventilated windows, ample storage racks, footrest, audio and video systems, and many more facilities.

Business Success Using Marketing Research

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Launching your product? Want to know what the market is all about now? What does the data say about the current market status? Is it a good time for your product to be launched? Will the audiences perceive your product? How different it is from other products? These questions might arise in your mind always. For that there is a solution which is called Market Research.

What is Market Research?

It is the process of assessing the market for the launch of new products with conducting a thorough research directly with the consumer. This lets the company to identify its target market and gather statistics and data from the opinions gathered from consumers regarding the product. Market Research are mostly done by the companies itself or through third parties who are experienced in the market research field. A lot of marketing strategies can be used for market research such as surveys, product testing and directly approaching the consumer groups for their opinions regarding the product.

Now the question is What is the need for Market Research?

The purpose of doing market research is to assess the market related to the product or service to gather results how the consumers will react to the product. The companies may try to find out what the consumer likes and what not and where does their product stand between these and how to make it better so that the consumer perceives it. They can remodel the product according to that and bring about changes to the actual product so that it fares successfully in the market after its launch.

How is market research done?

Market Research requires a lot of strategies and plans to be implemented to bring out fair amount of results for the company. The companies develops variety of steps with proper planning. It gathers information regarding the market and the company must analyze the data that has been collected to look after the relevant data that can be used later on to bring modifications to the product.

What is the use of Market Research results?

The company which is planning to launch its new product must conduct the market research to find out consumers views and also data regarding the product. These data helps the companies bring changes to the new products. If the company thinks that any alterations is required to bring to the product which may result in bringing success to the product right before or after the launch. To catch the consumers eyes the companies use this data and statistics to make sure the product is worth showing interest for and the consumers will be in benefit.

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